Sunday, March 28, 2010

a poetess...

stemming from years of writing, as mentioned in my previous post, i naturally became somewhat of a poetess. here are some of my most treasured poetry books inspired and written by two of my favorite singer/songwriters. also fellow poets.

Jill Scott - The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours - The Poetry of Jill Scott.
-featured excerpts from Introduction and 'I Will Write'

Alicia Keys - tears for water - songbook of poems & lyrics
-featured excerpt - caged bird

Dedicated to my muse......

my first post! congratulations to myself are in order! i never really would thought that i would ever start a blog. given that i always sort of kept my personal thoughts and feelings to myself. but as of late, i've been trying to find a means to stay creative in which ever way i can. and since writing really is one of my first loves, it was a gradual and organic transition for me. something that comes naturally.

but i would like to dedicate my first post to 'the muse'. every creative mind has a muse. i, for one, have always been in tune with my 'journalling self', even at age 11 when i first started writing in journals/diaries. and being that 11 year old self, i started writing about a boy. school boy crushes - really an appropriate muse for any pre-teen little girl. as insignificant as this may seem looking back now, without my muse, i would have never discovered my love for writing.

but now, i have a variety of muses. (see 'about me'). and i look forward to sharing about them in the near future.

so to all muses out there, you keep us creative folk going. person, place or thing. whoever you are. whatever you are. wherever you are. whether or not you realize you are one or not. you are a constant inspiration! thank you!