Thursday, April 01, 2010

let's go way back....

long weekend. ahhh. you are finally here. times like these where i like to just unwind and relax. and ever since i started this blog, it's made me ruffle through some of my older poems. here is one that i wrote a few years ago, specifically when i started to venture into the spoken word style. a very freeing and less restrictive form for me. it's very telling as i recall the time of my life when i did write it, that i "grew up", so to speak. here it is. lets go back!

A Poet’s Words

You can tie me up
Blindfold me
Have me bound or
Up against the wall
Strip me of all
My layers
Make me
And silence me
Do to me
What you will
Make me think
That I am worthless
A girl to be punished
You can restrain me
Hold me down
Inhibit or detain me
But spiritually
I will never stray
My words
Your shallow state
Of mentality
You can never take away
My vernacular virginity
What is embedded in me
You can never go as deep
As these words
Cumming out of me


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