Monday, April 12, 2010

new adventure... marks the first day new job (ta daaaa)! i had long decided to switch employers and within the past month or so, it finally happened!
last friday was my last day at the 'old place', and i managed to make a few 'thank you' cards to the people that i've grown quite fond of, basically thanking them for being such a cool person to work with! and with that final good-bye, so i also had to say good-bye to downtown vancouver!
(no more timmy and/or starbuck runs for me!!!!)

as much as i was gonna miss it, i was ready for a whole new chapter, so to speak.
the 'new place' really is quite the change of pace. being located close to the airport, the commute in itself was very different. and wandering aimlessly during my 1st lunch hour, i happened to find some really inviting little 'mom & pop' cafes, and of course the staple fast food joint, chinese food joint and the new corner store joint.

really, upon my aimless wandering, it got me thinking about enjoying the little things. for example, a simple cup of coffee, the downtown energy, coworkers and their quirky habits. and i also thought of the road ahead. what this new place has to offer me. i look forward to this new opportunity and am excited to where this new road will lead me!

there's nothing like a fresh start to renew you're perception of things, and even to place the little things, even as little as a medium double double, in a more valued place in my mind!

happy monday!

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  1. Can't believe you wrote this on a Monday! hahahaha...seems so reflective for a Monday! LOL... But it makes me excited for my fresh start!

    I miss emailing you!!