Sunday, August 01, 2010

poetry session

Across Your Bread
-Jill Scott, from 'The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours; The Poetry of Jill Scott'

I'm juss gon say what I need to
Juss gon put it on the table
And spread it across your bread

As much as I didn't want
I have stumbled
fallen ova myself in love with every molecule of

The walk on you
The way you out then in breathe
Simply your eyes man
got my thighs swellin' and my knees beggin' to part
I do (shaking my head up and down)
I do
love everything about you
All that makes you you
And what I do not know, I swear I will love too
If you just show me

I know it's crazy but I swear
My heart doesn't pump blood
When you are not near me
I juss walk my way through life comatose
'Till I hear my name in your key
I juss stay
Hoping, wishing, praying for the moment you say it's cool for me to
give you what I got
Cool for me to give you what I keep
Cool for me to give you what is fresh behind the apples
And the pears but you don't
Accept it then accept it then return it
My logic understands but my back is tired of the weight
My feet are swollen and my fingers ache from writing

Don't you see?
I'm willing
To go that extra continent
To carry that extra gallon and love that extra kind
I am placing myself on the table
Spreading myself across your bread
So, say something
It's your move