Saturday, April 30, 2011

lil miss sunshine

Yesterday on April 29th at 9:09 a.m., my newest niece, Solana Leighton, was introduced into the world!

Congrats to Mommy Carla, Daddy Bryan and big brother Dom!!!
She is the very first girl on the San Juan side of the family and I am already so smitten with her!  Since having two boys of my own, she brings a whole new side of things for me -- babysitting a girl!!!  It is quite different I have to say, plus, it's creating baby nostalgia for me. :)

Looks like I'll have to get used to dressing her up, fixing up her hair and having girl time with her and her mommy!  I'm looking forward to every moment of it!  Welcome Solana, we've waited so long for you to arrive and we are so happy that you are finally here!  We love you!

Friday, April 29, 2011

new "fascination"

(Okay, so I couldn't pass up the play on words.)
Unlike many others I know, I did not fall victim to staying up late to watch the Royal Wedding.  However, I did end up PVRing it to watch on my own time!  Yes, I am still enthralled with the Royal Family and all the regal history that comes along with it.

Strangely enough, one thing that just left me absolutely spellbound was this particular article of clothing (of course, besides the elegantly beautiful gown that Catherine wore):

The Fascinator Hat.

I have always loved hats! But I was left completely intrigued and mesmerized by not only how many people were donning these hats, but also at the mere artistry, allure and grace that it exudes.

Vintage - source:  Topsy Turvy Designs on


 I have to somehow find an occasion (or excuse), for me to wear one of these things.  Don't be surprised if you get invited to attend a "fascinator hat party" in the near future.  :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

poetry session

Give Me U

If I
Would you receive me?
Allow me
Give me permission to be in your midst
To enter into your compass
Be within your reach
Come into your view
Cross the threshold of your consciousness
Assimilate into your presence
Become part of your vocabulary
Entertain your masculinity
Feel the sensitivity of your skin
The density of your being

If I
I could heighten your disposition
Revive your mind set
Take your burdens and stresses
All the tension I would lessen
I could set off a realization
An awareness within your essence
I am not here to take away what you already know
About yourself and change it
Turn you into somebody that you can hardly identify with
I am too complacent with your common sense
Your place, your spirit and yes, even your scent
Gain status in my heart and create strong sentiment to simple things
Yes, I replay it
Every conversation in my head
Every smile that comes to my face
Every beat pounding out of my chest
And every void that you seem to have filled in my space
You give me no other way to convey it
You present yourself so real
So unadulterated
People like you are so rare to find and
So underrated
So underestimated
Elevated is my mind every time we communicate
Elated by the mere presence of your station
And yes it’s true
You never instigate any cause for complications
We are
Two personalities both one and the same
You authenticate all that is real and true for me
And I promise that
If I
That I swear I would do the same

And trust that it won’t all be in vain
Let me enter into your circle
Flow into your respected space
Create want for your desire
Hold you down when you need to maintain
Put aside
Our restlessness
Further engage
Our oneness

All you have to do is


Monday, April 11, 2011

mini road trip

Last Saturday, the fam and I decided to go for a mini shopping road trip.  This time of year is ideal and made possible by two words:  tax return.

The day started off with the usual 6:00 a.m. departure, equipped with a large double double for myself, and bacon & egg sandwiches, hot chocolate and snacks for the boys.  After crossing the border, it takes about another hour and a bit before we reach the main outlet center.

I usually am set on coming back with one or two pairs (maybe three, if I'm super lucky) of killer heels. But this time, I wasn't so lucky.  I didn't even come back with one!  Although, I DID come back with a new simple pair of casual kicks that I've been saying to myself that I needed.  So, all is not lost. :)

But most of all, I have found the most amazing combination of things ever to come into my life.  This by far was the highlight of the trip.

Yes, people -- Coconut M&Ms.  It doesn't take much to amuse me neither win over my heart.  Aaaah, it's the simple pleasures in life!

Friday, April 08, 2011

listening pleasure

It's Feelgood Friday!
Feelin so good are some jams that I'm listenin' to that help enhance this mood I'm in!  And I know it'll last all through the weekend. Happy Friday everyone!

5. Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne - Motivation
4. Jessie J - Pricetag (Acoustic)
3. Musiq Soulchild - Yes
2. Lloyd - Cupid
1. Keyshia Cole - Take Me Away

Thursday, April 07, 2011

poetry session


How is it that once again
I find myself in this phase
This mood, this space
With you
You’ve got me
Where you want me to be
The way you got me
Displacing myself
Opening me up
Unbinding myself
How can I possibly
Explain myself
When suddenly I’m wondering
How it is that I’m once again
Sitting here
Without you

I’m not tryin to step out of place
To push your boundaries
To add weight
To your cross
Provoke your insecurities
Or lay strain on your thoughts
But please
I’m trying to understand….
Not this
Take in

That this is just a phase
This mood, this space
This state of mind
This frustrated case
So I guess I should jus
Keep my head up
Once again

I just want you to appreciate
To empathize
And identify my grievance
I just want you
To get me out of this phase
To enhance my mood
To lay claim to my space
And bear truth to my credence
I just want you
To make me stop wondering
How is it that I’ve once again
Managed to go on
Without you


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

U fancy, huh?

Well, at least that's how I always feel like whenever I leave my hair stylist, Dustin.
I took a day off for myself to go visit him and he did wonders.  Correction, he ALWAYS does wonders.
I love going to see him because, not only does he treat my hair with the utmost care, he also gives me a bonus head massage.  Aaaah, how I could visit him every day just for that!

Thanks Dustin for the new do!