Wednesday, October 19, 2011

poetry session

Just Right

He is…
Just the right
Kind of man to
Pique my curiosity and
Make steady my interest
He exudes this quiet confidence
That lends itself perfectly to my
Laid back, breezy intelligence
Influences an abundance of instances
To showcase and present
Sexual indulgence
Over and over and over again…..
He possesses
Just the right blend
Of mentality
By trying to be
A better man
Manifesting and maintaining
A confident, rough yet
Mature swag
Simultaneously transcending
Over former
Failings and shortcomings
His man-ness and virility commands
Me to let go of all my insecurities
Because his sensibility allows me
To safely trust him entirely and completely
He takes me on a journey
Motivates my senses
Satiates my quench
And appetency
With great consideration
In the utmost unchaste nature and disposition
Instigating conversations in
Erotically infused obscenities
Translating me to involuntarily
Saturate my wet sweetly
Yet he intently
Studies my geography
Intimately grazes over
The rolling hills of my hips
The dip in my waist
The hollow in my spine
And the rigid rise of my mountain tips
Hands making his trip
Back to my steady thighs and moistened ripened lips
Vying to penetrate
Complying to take
Each thrust that is made
Savoring the extensiveness
That his thickness maintains
Engaging and repaying back
Each pleasurable twitch with rain
Over and over and over again…..
And once climax and orgasm
Are finally met
The rapture subsides
I center myself to catch a breath

I recognize
That he is…

Just the right
Kind of man
That I
Can visualize
To have in my life
He continuously
Challenges my mind
And therefore sheds light
For authenticity to be realized
He is…
So much more
Than what I thought I knew
In all honesty
He is truth
And with all that I know is in me
With all that God has given me and created me to be
It is more than enough proof
And certainty
To believe
That I have the capacity
To be his equal
It almost seems quite spiritual
To be in his space
His love is made king
With each kiss and every embrace
Anything and everything
Is made perfect in its place
He is…
Just the right
Kind of man

…That no other man
Could ever replace


Saturday, October 15, 2011

micropoetry session

I am
One who will give you a chance
To provide a demonstration
And display one's true characterization
Because quite frankly
I am
Drawn to that kind of association


poetry session

Moment Of Weakness (Work In Progress)

I can immerse myself
In the anger
The grief and the melancholy
That has suddenly
Come over me
And for a quick moment
I can concede to feel
The burn
The ache
The injury
I can keep
My insecure anxieties
Carry on
My heartache and sadness
Accept defeat and
Smile through the madness
Embrace the fear
Cause the moment I thought
Would never come
Is finally here
I welcome its arrival
Adapt to the atmosphere
Hospitality never felt so
Cold and insincere


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

listening pleasure

I haven't been able to stop talking or thinking about this since I saw this last night.
This right here -- makes me fall in love with hip hop all over again.
All I can say is WOW.
See for yourselves and get familiar.

Monday, October 10, 2011

poetry session


Seeing that
We both made
Our choices
And there simply is
No turning back
The fact of the matter remains
I’m still pained
By your departure

And I can surely start
To slowly walk away
You saw me in ways
Others couldn’t possibly
Yet here I stand
Looking over our grave
Mourning over something
That we couldn’t possibly save

Resting In Peace

And while I still feel
The emptiness and heartache
I will only take away with me
Moments where you unfailingly
Made me feel so elated and free
Appreciated for being me
And for that
I will always be
Eternally grateful

So in ending
I’m lending you my apologies
For leading us down this road
To inevitability
And the only way for me
To amend my iniquities
To redeem and do right by our memory
Is to never cease and keep

Reminiscing In Poetry