Sunday, July 25, 2010

poetry session

Speechless - Part I
It's not very often that I'm left without words to say. Times like these I try to immerse myself with others' poetry - one's that inspire me.

If I Was A Bird
-Floetry, from the album "Floetic"

Sometimes blindness finds me
And leads me through ignorance
Not allowing us to gain experience
So we become lifeless
At other times I cover with
Self pity or work aimlessly through reality so
Occasionally I choose to travel alone
But never fulfill my possibility so
Mostly I attempt to achieve balance
By seeking right knowledge of loving
And reviewing and eventually overstanding those
Many lessons of my life

You got me caught in a starry eyed world of dreams
And I beg to see truth and promises you made to me
Now we’ve come so far but my visions of happiness
With you in my life I’m afraid and confused
If I was a bird I’d fly

If I was a bird I’d fly away
Spread my wings so I’d escape
If I was the sky
I’d let it rain to wash away the pain

Now why do I feel so alone
Knowing I know I have you
And what made you turn around on me
What did I do
And when did love feel this way
So much pain and misery
Where’s the you I once knew
And could ya fly with me

If I was a bird I’d fly away
Spread my wings so I’d escape
If I was the sky
I’d let it rain to wash away the pain

Now I can’t stay
You won’t need me
Set me free and let me fly

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

poetry session

Be Around

We’ve reached a place where finally
It’s comforting to me –
Our level of comfortability
We’ve reached a higher form of familiarity
And negativity has made its way out the door
(For the time being)
‘Cause I just want to be around you more
Sense and sensibility, in unison, form
Better times and places for our memories to record
My perception and ability to see the world
In all its beauty and clarity
Reveal how life is really supposed to be
And magnifies itself whenever you’re around me

‘Cause I just want to be around you more
To feel your warm, vibrant radiance more
The minutes and hours of distance
I’m no longer keeping score
Because we’re finally face to face in this instance
Your presence presents me with ways
To try and get you to stay
To prolong our present situation more
An implication towards
Communicating our emotions more
Translating our affection more
Re-enacting our fantasies more

Being around you
Makes me feel whole
Even when I’ve already felt complete before
It’s impossible for me
To over analyze your motives
'Cause my usual hesitation hasn’t yet materialized

We complement and harmonize
Articulate and verbalize
In ways that I never knew was possible
And I am grateful, for your whole being invites
A new and better part of me to be realized

So I invite you
To be around me more
Dig deeper and peel back my layers more
My vulnerability isn’t a factor anymore
Because I hope
I trust
I love
That you'll be around me more.


Friday, July 02, 2010

poetry session

Poet’s Block (Weary)

I used to write
So free
From the heart
But now I feel
Worlds apart

I need pretense and honesty
Strength and vulnerability
Tragedy and triumph
A feeling or obstacle
To overcome

I need and crave
Altercations and situations
To revive my inner thoughts
My quick stinging words
And long lasting poet prose.

Do you suppose
You got what I’m looking for?