Tuesday, October 30, 2012

poetry session

Tread with Passion

Let my eyes say all the words that my mouth cannot
And let the stride of my walk
Be a verse to Mother Nature's tune

Along Autumn laid streets
With leaves crunching at my feet
Bringing the nostalgia of your being
Back to my sensory peripheries
Like a beloved scene of a childhood memory gone past me.
I tread slowly
Yet passionately
Inhaling the cologne laced crispness that I breathe in the air 

Letting it infuse into every inch, every cell
Every molecule that is apart of me
And even though Mother Earth has communicated that the world around me
Has entered into a dormant stage,
All the more reason my passionate approach is needed to engage,
To marry the present multistaged reality into an endless 
Springtime/summer-like feeling.
I refuse to reciprocate the mundane qualities in everyday things.
But rather choose to intensate and translate
These everyday things into its everyday majesty.
Like how my icy cold hands have suddenly become warmth in his grasp...
How a heavy gray cloud laden with rain does not dare to shed a tear
Until I'm safe in his surroundings...
How each taste mandates a reaction,
A sensation that becomes food to my soul...
You know...
The kind that foodies and connoisseurs partake in
When taking in a bite, a sip,

Rolling morsels in their mouths,
Upon their tongues they let it sit,
And sup and distinguish each and every single ingredient...
Eyebrows furrow in pleasure,
Lips purse in elation...
And exclaim in exhaltation a simplistic yet majestic 

That means everything in the world to the one that made it...
Repeated over and over and over again until the meal is finished
In this 259,200 seconds of a weekend...
Let this be my approach...
Let me be the first to tell you
That I tread with passion
And with each moment that passes
I promise
I will not take it for granted.