Tuesday, September 03, 2013

poetry session

They say to keep it simple.
Write what you know.
Or even, just write SOMETHING, sit in front of your notebook or keyboard and don't move until you do.

Well, this is a result of having an afternoon to myself, reflecting on the above advice.

Patiently Waiting (3 Words)

They say that good things come to all the patient ones…
Well I have been waiting
406 days, 2 hours and 53 minutes
To finally hear 3 words
I. Love. You.
A sentence so short but holds depth so infinite
A phrase so swift but when said cannot be missed
An expression so fleeting but when heard grips you to the very fibre of your being.
I... Love… Being
With you.
And not just as a personification of togetherness.
I mean… BE-ing…
In each other’s midst
And although distance, both near and far, defines the space between us
In inches or millimeters, feet or kilometers…it’s all the same…
It never could divide our personalities so intertwined.
Tightly woven without us even knowing
Or realizing it was even happening.
You sense the slightest inkling of uneasiness and negativity
And intercept its manifestation with just the simplest of greetings
Magandang umaga, hapon at gabi…
Mahal kita
No matter the language our words, minds or bodies emit
The freedom of being myself with you is a gift
Self-love radiating from within, I naturally gravitate to you…
As Mother Nature’s omnipotent rule
We thus only attract what is a reflection of you…
And I know that I still have a lot to learn
I still have cosmos to grow into
Former outer spaces to outgrow and let go
I know... that it is not easy to love
But also... that I am nothing in its absence.
They say that good things come to all the patient ones…
Therefore I’ll still be here waiting
Ready to say those same words back to you…

I. Love. You. Too…



I know that it's been a while.
But it wouldn't take long for me to come back.
To come back to my 1st love...writing.
Dealing with personal issues had caused me to put the pen (or keyboard) aside for the time being.
But I haven't been too far away.
I've still been keeping myself inspired by reading novels, poetry books and the like.
Went on vacation to regroup and re-focus.
Moved into a new space.
And with new spaces comes adjustments.  Good ones at that.
I welcome the quiet sounds at night.
The moments to myself.
Re-introducing myself to being alone with my thoughts.
Because as of late, distractions have been all too prevalent in my every day.

But, even though it's been a while,
My passion never left me.

So...I look forward to sharing with you again my thoughts.
My words.
My reflections.
Thank you for being patient.