Monday, January 21, 2013

micropoetry session - ninewords

Brown skin soft
Yet underneath
Thick with tragic experience

micropoetry session

I digress with my perception of you
That beautiful handsome scent of you
Filled my nose, replenished my soul
Until it travelled into my sinuses
Then started stinging my eyes
Giving rise to blurry vision

Saturday, January 12, 2013

poetry session - reflection

A Letter to my Son, on his 13th Birthday

You were born on a Wednesday evening
Under the fine balance of
Stressful circumstance and perfect timing
Your heartbeat was low
Yet your will and vitality was felt
Deep down to the marrow of my bones
To the depths of my soul
Under such pressure
Your diamond-like exuberance
Became my cornerstone
From a colic-like infancy
To never-a-dull-moment 
Toddler / Primary / Pre-Teen
You always made life interesting (still do and always will)
And made me re-think the way I see everything
You constantly save me
And as you approach
Your very own milestone
That stressful circumstance 
Will always remain
Yet is always changing
And that timing is fleeting
Yet carries unspeakable meaning
I carry every confidence
Embedded in my being
That you will find your own way
Through adolescent smoky happenings
And translate each instance into
Everyday majestic blessings
And with life's every test
And seemingly never-ending stresses
I will always be
That cornerstone for you
The way that you have been for me

Know that everyday
With you
Still very much and always will be
The day God blessed me with you
On that Wednesday evening.