Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

simple pleasures - a day with the boys

Today is my day off!

Since the boys are off on summer vacation, I decided that today would be THEIR day!  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect time, since I've been so caught up with work conferences and events.  It's only about to get a lot more busier with my career, so I've decided that I would make this occasion a regular when I'm off during the week. :)

So, I posed one question to both my boys -- "What do you want to eat today?"

Hands down, they answered "Crepes".

(I have this little obsession with crepes, which I think has rubbed off on them.  Usually whenever I get my haircut, I bring both of them along, and after my appointment, we go out for crepes at my favorite creperie -- you know, make a day out of it.)

So, we improvised.

What can I awesome breakfast made at home. :)

And a little whipped cream doesn't hurt either.......

...okay maybe A LOT.....

A perfect breakfast to start the day with my boys.  Next on the agenda, video games and watching Rango.  And after all is said and done, there maybe a little time to write some poetry too.

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Ball To Remember

It's not everyday that a girl gets to dress up fully to the 9.  Last night was the Annual Year End Ball at my work.  And's quite the big occasion.  Even got the chance to showcase my red shoes again.  :)

It was soooo much fun and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people and co-workers to share it with!

Especially with one of my best friends that helped me convince myself, almost a year ago, to apply for a job here.

Looking forward to many more occasions to come!

Friday, July 08, 2011


Today is a breezy sunny summer day, perfect for walks downtown, by the beach or just sitting at the park reading a good book or listening to some good music.
I came across this quote, that I thought would be nice to share...since I'm all about sharing....(lol)....

"Our capacity to love is not limited; time is a constraint and so is energy, but love that makes your life better gives you more of what you need."
-Amy Bloom

Hope you enjoy your breezy sunny summer day as much as I am!