Tuesday, October 30, 2012

poetry session

Tread with Passion

Let my eyes say all the words that my mouth cannot
And let the stride of my walk
Be a verse to Mother Nature's tune

Along Autumn laid streets
With leaves crunching at my feet
Bringing the nostalgia of your being
Back to my sensory peripheries
Like a beloved scene of a childhood memory gone past me.
I tread slowly
Yet passionately
Inhaling the cologne laced crispness that I breathe in the air 

Letting it infuse into every inch, every cell
Every molecule that is apart of me
And even though Mother Earth has communicated that the world around me
Has entered into a dormant stage,
All the more reason my passionate approach is needed to engage,
To marry the present multistaged reality into an endless 
Springtime/summer-like feeling.
I refuse to reciprocate the mundane qualities in everyday things.
But rather choose to intensate and translate
These everyday things into its everyday majesty.
Like how my icy cold hands have suddenly become warmth in his grasp...
How a heavy gray cloud laden with rain does not dare to shed a tear
Until I'm safe in his surroundings...
How each taste mandates a reaction,
A sensation that becomes food to my soul...
You know...
The kind that foodies and connoisseurs partake in
When taking in a bite, a sip,

Rolling morsels in their mouths,
Upon their tongues they let it sit,
And sup and distinguish each and every single ingredient...
Eyebrows furrow in pleasure,
Lips purse in elation...
And exclaim in exhaltation a simplistic yet majestic 

That means everything in the world to the one that made it...
Repeated over and over and over again until the meal is finished
In this 259,200 seconds of a weekend...
Let this be my approach...
Let me be the first to tell you
That I tread with passion
And with each moment that passes
I promise
I will not take it for granted.


Friday, September 28, 2012

poetry session


Revel in my space
Settle into my pace as
I become somewhat elated
While embracing the journey of
Retracing how my footsteps
Have taken me to this place
Of appreciation
Of displacing the interspacings
Of our beings with
BE-ing face to face
Putting aside doubt for faith
Praising aloud God for your grace

Set ablaze inspiration
Create conversations to instigate
Unforgettable touch sensations
Authenticate relations
To medicate our senses
Releasing them from placated imaginations…
Amalgamate psychologies
Associate physiologies
Vacate former spaces of mentality
Formed by uncertainty and scorned sensibilities
From preceding lovers and outworn intimate affinities

Enter into my vicinity
And KNOW what home feels like
What warmth, sanctuary and love can BE like
Identify the space in which we both occupy
Is a reflection of each other: continual and sublime
Rather than individual and finite
Once revealed to you in hindsight
Unite minds with me
Light up skies with me for all to see
How we redefine the world in which we
Inspire to seek
Who we
Choose to


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

micropoetry - ninewords

The traction of my thoughts gains quickness in action.

micropoetry session

Dividing sides
With his fingertips 
Down my spine
Creating the most 
Divine meridian

micropoetry session

Warmth begets warmth
As fingertips meets hands
Affiliates arms
Associates chests
Consolidates beats
And reconnects beings

micropoetry session

Entering in
He presses unpause
Replaying the torturous
Lovesick cycles

micropoetry session

The night escapes me 
Teasing its fleeting comfort 
Without grasping onto
Its inspiration

micropoetry session

Uplift and subsist
To exist 
In my inner most
Intimate consciousness.

micropoetry session

Conversationalist tactics
Prove positive
And poetically persist
In my 
Sensualist movement.

micropoetry session

Fading into the grayscale
Until he returns 
With a vibrant 
Mnemonic need
For clemency

micropoetry session

Woo me with ways 
To make could-be's to should-be's
Wants to needs
Casual interludes to prolonged
Late night early mornings.

micropoetry - sixwords

Grazing signatures on backs with fingertips.

micropoetry - sixwordsplusone

Tears baptize and catalyze the healing process.

micropoetry - sixwords

We see ourselves in each other.

micropoetry - ninewords

Fingers possess dexterous dexterity in hopes to encompass me.

micropoetry session

Paint me the color
Of your most vivid dreams
Supply hues to imbue
A subconscious affair
Of being.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

poetry session

When He Speaks



When he speaks
I am moved
When he seeks the appropriate speech
To bequeath his vocabulary
Onto my soul
And spiritual physique



Every word
Every syllable
Every verb
Every soliloqual
Lingual adjective
Native tongue
Superlative rhetoric
Is the sum
Of all my poetics
It’s almost as if
And I am there to receive
The Holy Spirit

I am forced
To challenge
All my beliefs
I no longer
The need
For clarity
He excretes
Lyrical techniques
To the degree
That I am
Brought to
My knees
For this conversational piece
To never cease
Articulates peace
More like truth
A decree of his existence
The triumph of his being
The struggle in his youth

To represent…
To reprove

Never uncouth
Or Abstrusely
And I
Welcome it conducely

Infuses and introduces
Altruism while loosely
Seducing my mind
That chivalry is adduce
And elocution is alive
Revolution is certain
And that momentarily
He was mine
I only
To be as fervent and refined
I requisition
To be immersed and baptized
In his energy
And hindsight


That something in me
Has changed
And I will never
Be the same
Suffice to say
Next time...
That I
Gather all I am
My air
My breath
The motion of
My diaphragm
The alignment of my spine
Allow my voice
To resonate
Let my aura assimilate
Into his inspirational
State of mind
So that

I am granted
The courage
Just to say


Sunday, July 22, 2012

micropoetry - sixwords

Breathless. Ceaseless. Sleepless. Restless. Speechless. Weakness.

micropoetry session

Extinguish the undistinguished
Parts of your mind
Be inclined
To this linguist
Relinquish the refined
To coincide with mine.

micropoetry - ninewords

Fingers caress crevices in hopes for undressed coalesced cognizance.

microopoetry - 2lines

He strums my pages as if they were shards
From a broken heart.

micropoetry - sixwordsplusone

Create conversations to instigate unforgettable touch sensations.

micropoetry - sixwordsplusone

Euphoric mornings derived from late longful moanings. 

micropoetry - 2lines

Reflect and take necessary steps back
To move towards my advancement.

micropoetry - sixwords

Translate the language of my touch.

micropoetry - sixwords

Love remains steady and unbroken - Focus.

micropoetry - sixwordsorless

Compelled to circumvent vexing complexity.

micropoetry - sixwords

Your vision appears inside heavy lids. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

By Invitation Only

When you get caught up in one thing, other things seem to get left by the wayside.
AND, it's been brought to my attention, (not once, but many times), that I completely forgot to post my final product for my best friend's wedding invites!  
For those who are new or weren't even aware - yes, I am a card crafter, as well as a poet. :)
Two of my most beloved creative outlets.
Last year, my best friend asked me if I could hand make all her wedding invites. You can read more of that here. After graciously accepting the offer, AND much revisions (four to be exact), I present to you some snapshots of this challenging yet, most gratifying, labor of love I've ever done. All 150 of them... :)

I have to admit, I didn't want to let these invites go after all the hard work and care I put into making them. Afterall, they were like my babies! LOL

But as much as I'd like to take credit, I actually need to thank the 'sweat shop' for helping me assemble these.  Thank you for not driving me into insanity. Also, thank you for presenting me with new headaches along the way...(too much glue!!!!) LOL...

So with that said, conjuring up those laborious memories made me want to post this last card I made.  This was for a my son's best friend's birthday not too long ago.
This is just for fun, plus it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

Until next occasion..... :)


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

micropoetry session

Savor my words.
Sip on its derivative.
Let syllables roll off your tongue
And swallow it amongst expletives.
This is how my passion tastes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

poetry session

*Never give up. My words of simplictic advice to loved ones going through trying times. Stay true. This difficult moment may not BE you, but it helps you to BECOME you.*
(P.S. Happy Week 50 Open Link Night!!)


My heart cries
When I see
The potential in you
Not being seen
Or fully realized.
Stop lying
And try to be
The authentic you.
To be the person
I know you can
Strive to be
Defy the things
They decry you to be
And when you fall
I'll supply you
The support that you need.
I realize
This might
Not mean much
Or become reality
In this brief
Moment of futility
But trust
That when that moment comes
When you've overcome
Living with passion and intensity
You can undeniably reply
That it didn't kill you
To try
But inexplicably
You survived
And would
Die trying
To find its meaning


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

poetry session

The Subscript

Although it's pleasing
I insist
That you desist
With your viable ways
Of persisting
And portraying your
Licentious behavior
In phrases
Just to amaze me
I see how
That can be easy

Appease me this way…
Can you stay and
Assist me to
Lead me to your
Sophisticated being?
Subsist to coexist
With me
Submit to
Your higher level of consciousness
With which you
Can never resist me

‘Cause mental and
Spiritual connectedness
Can never restrict me
These aspects
Seem like it’s only subscript
When it’s
Character, plot, climax and never-ending

Represent me
By presenting me with
Your most Kingly being
Treat me with deserve'd respect
And I'll be on the other end
To receive thee
Unconditionally to
The subscript.


Monday, June 11, 2012

poetry session


Create in me
A space
That can set your
Heart, mind and soul free.
Believe in the idea
Of how, intellectually speaking,
Mental and physical unity
Can spark
Word artistry
A platform, if you will…
Seek your silence
And be still.
Enter in
To entertain
My invitational
Transformational vicinity
And see
How we can
Easily transform
The world around us
Turning negativity into positivity
Regression into progression
Listlessness into BE-ing.
I can positively
Attest to
The digression
Of expressions
That my mind and body possess
For you.
I do not contest
The gift that God has
Invested in me;
Manifesting emotions
Into this life force called poetry
I see the need
For you
To reconvene with me
Challenge my being
Renew and rebuild
The sublime and soliloquy
Reject the cynical and the weary
Redefine words and
Redesign worlds
Continuously inspire me.
Create desire in me
To instigate fires
That can
Never be extinguished
Replenish my soul
And supply me provision
Your energy and disposition
Is worthy and sufficient
Every word you speak
I graciously listen
And hope
My intuition meets fruition

So please
Distinguish my vision
With this petition

And accept this
Humble and genuine
Motive towards
Self revelation
Physical aspiration and
Mental exploration.

Send affirmation
My way
'Yes' to...

...My invitation


Sunday, May 13, 2012

micropoetry - 2lines

Attest to my digression 
Of expressions I possess

micropoetry session

Challenges my being. 
Can be still. 
Write lines. 
Scribe the sublime with me. 
Rebuilding worlds of soliloquy.

micropoetry - 2lines

The communiqué
Pour your heart into every word you say

micropoetry session

Wrap me in word rapture. 
Cradle me with confab and fables. 
Create poetic ecstasy. 
The kind only 
You and I can manufacture

micropoetry session

I'm strong enough 
To not let words break me
Smart enough 
To allow them to flow through me. 
Set me on fire. 
Inspire my soul, mind & heart

micropoetry - 2lines

Converse with our eyes
They seem to say it all

micropoetry - 2lines

Leave me space
To admire in your space

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


"When you give to others to the degree that you sacrifice yourself, you make the other person a thief." -The Course of Miracles

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

poetry session

Weary Souls

Allowing you
To enter into
My presence
Ever since
Your newest attempt
At renewal
Has caught my interest
And listless intelligence

Attentiveness is lacking
Responsiveness is asking
For discernment to take place
Your being possesses
Such quiet grace
And creeps in my moment of weakness
Just to save face

I’m thoroughly aware
Of where this road could lead
I seek for
And beseech Lord
Grant me
Supplementary serendipity
Or rather
Assisted lucidity

My heart breaks
And is tired and weary
I sense that yours is too
And seeks for some healing
Gather your tired bones
Enter into my warmth
And rest your weary
On my soul


Monday, April 09, 2012

poetry session

Forever Afflicted

Today marks the day,
The moments,
Where I relive each occasion
With reminiscent tears
And nightmarish persuasion
I numb the pain
Let reason invade
My mind as to why,
I had lived through this
Surreal hallucination
All that remains,
Are unanswered questions, like...

Was I strong enough...
…To care for you?
Was I worthy enough...
…To carry you?

The thought of knowing who you were
Had escaped me
Before I even knew you existed
And having belatedly seen
How this has affected me,
It's shown me a type of pain
Only bereaved mothers know of
And never fully recover from
Forever afflicted

Can really point fingers and
Self inflict blame
Except you
It comes upon you naturally
On guilty parties and
Already bruised womb
The ache never ceases,
And pain never subdues.
Never knowing why
Never given the chance
To choose you.


**This poem is dedicated to all women who have experienced the pain and loss of losing a child, through miscarriage, or any other sort of circumstance beyond our control and choices.  I share this with you; I survive this with you. It's been 9 years.  Writing about this for the first time brought some kind of healing.  Poetry has always brought me solace.  With what I create, simultaneously saves me.  And from this experience, for whom I create, never failingly watches over me.  Here's to our angels...

Sunday, April 08, 2012

i heart vintage hair- part 2

It's been quite some time since I've actually "blogged" about something.  I've mostly been in poetry mode.  However, I feel it's time to re-connect in this type of atmosphere, so as to show you my attempt at something new.

As I've blogged about in a previous post a while back, I love love love vintage hair.  I just never really found the time (or the occasion) to ever muster up the creativity to actually attempt at styling my own hair in such beautiful manner.  Until now....

One of my girlfriends, having reached a milestone in her life by turning 40 years young, was having a birthday dinner.  What a perfect opportunity to 'experiment'.  Luckily enough, earlier in the week, I had stumbled across an amazing tutorial that seemed easy enough to do.

So voila...here is my attempt at doing a Suicide Hair Roll...

It took me about an hour to do just the roll alone!  Lawdahmercy...  (Mind you, it was my first attempt.)  I figure once I get used to doing this, I'll be able to cut the time in half. :)
Plus I sprayed the shiznit out of the hairspray bottle, in order to secure the look. Another reason why I'll only do this for very special occasions! :D

But after all the hair teasing, hair spraying and bobby pinning, I actually had a lot of fun doing this!  I'll make sure on my second attempt, I'll do another post for some pointers. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

micropoetry - sixwords

You benumb my heart with falsity. 

micropoetry session

Be attentive
To the strokes my words and my pen give
How my fingertips cling
To every sensastion of release
How I please
Your imagination
With my words'
Lingering tease

micropoetry - sixwords

Unbound. Undress. Undo. Abound. Persist. Subdue.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

poetry session

The Cycle

You knew
Exactly how to treat me
In every respect
And I
Never held back or
Never harbored
Any regret

You knew
How to read me
And accordingly
React to the way
I was feeling
How to recite words
To get me wet
Poetically speaking,
You whet
My curiosity,
You pique
Reactionary peaks
In climactic reactions of release             

You knew
How to freak
With that unmistakable physique
And that unforgettable technique
Had this poet void of speech
Brought me to my knees
In receipt of weak-

I would’ve liked to be your queen
In fact, loved to have
Quite possibly
Earned that deserv’d  esteem
In your comfortable-
You grew restless
And conveniently
Perfect elusiveness

You persisted
And insisted
That I was the one
(Less the incessant
And domestic stress)
Was there something that I missed?
Was I
So high up on your list
That it made you
Reach less?
Impervious in every sense?
What has got me this stressed?
Causing me to regress
Into a cycle of
Residuals and
Non-reciprocal requests
This cyclical dependency
Has got me sick mentally.
Has me cynical to the ones who
Deserve me
The ones
Who will love me
Tell me then, 
Who will love me better?

Friday, March 02, 2012

listening pleasure

Here are some sexy soulful joints to get your weekend started. Always my go-to songs. Happy Friday!

3. Esthero - Superheros
2. Miguel - Adorn
1. Robert Glasper ft. Musiq Soulchild & Chrisette Michele
(In fact the entire album; further to that fact, the entire  Robert Glasper collection)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

poetry session


Do you feel that?
What once was a part of you
Is leaving
Heavy breathing
Coming to an end
Passionate feelings
Starting to descend
Thought process reeling
Painful cognizance
Dreams of us succeeding
Toxic Poisonous
Torturous pleading
Unconsciousness creeping
Slit wrists shackled
Feeling death's grapple
The evidence
Never to endure
Rest assured
Is what I’ll supply you
Killing the part of you
That’s me
Still alive in you
Come closer
Right between the eyes
I’ll provide
Death its
Proper suitor
Bracing myself
For I’m the shooter


Friday, February 24, 2012

micropoetry - sixwords

Make good on your fiendish inferences.

micropoetry - sixwords

Words fondle me with flagrant intensity.

micropoetry - 2lines

Rapturous deeds derive
From the most submissive minds


My love affair with words
Constantly gets in the way
Of your pursuance.

micropoetry - 2lines

If wordplay is my foreplay
Leave ample room for interpretation.

micropoetry - sixwordsplusone

Insatiable yearning falls heavy on companionless evenings. 

micropoetry - sixwords

Naive minds are oblivious to affliction.

micropoetry - 2lines

Love never regrets
Having you as its victim

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

poetry session


Blinded to reality
I only choose to see
My inconvenient truth
That is you
I remain oblivious to
In the context of
Being selfless...
I don’t love you less
I’m selfish
To want to have you too
Am I wrong then,
If you happened to love me too
These things just don’t ‘happen’
Looking outside for some strong interaction
And there you just ‘happened’ to be
An answer to the distraction
It’s an abstract infraction
To seem detracted from reality
But what distracts us attracts us
And ultimately subtracts us
From who we are 'told' to be
But honestly
My course of action
Constantly needs
Redefining, you see...
I’m trying to avoid
Because I know
Sure enough
That I’ll have to
Let go of you


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

poetry session

Breakfast (Unspoken Word)

Over breakfast…
No sound was uttered
No word was said
Just an overwhelming feeling of

Pleasurable elation and
Sensual contentment
In the morning light,
Was beamin
Feelin like
You were feelin it too
Coffee brewin
And the fusion of
Breakfast tastes and lewd menus had
Somehow mimicked our bodies
Brown sugar and honey
Milk, cream and cinnamon
Were mixed in with the scents
From our skin
Senses honed in
Erogenous in nature
Erotic enough to awaken
The memories of what just took place...

Last night
Rounds one, two, three, four and five…
We broke the tension and the strife 

Hence the smile upon my face
And the rouge above my grin
Body drenched with sweat and anticipation
For rounds six, seven,

And ten to begin
Your taste was mine
And still lingers on my lips...
Over breakfast
We sit
I take a sip of my beverage
And allow my tongue to savor
In your aftertaste
Breathing in flavors ecstasy-laced;
Waiting for exhalation
Eyes making love
While still holding conversation
Withholding nothing but
Our appetites and desires to quench
Sexual dehydration
Our early morning fixation
An exchange of pure exhilaration
Resulting in the most
Delectable taste sensation
While breaking bread
Over breakfast


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

poetry session

Something to think about...

...and something to respond...

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Friday, January 20, 2012

poetry session

Into The Dark

No one ever said
That this ride would be easy…

We’re so drawn towards the light
Of happiness and elated feelings
Of lazy lust mornings
Of warm afternoons and
Sex craved evenings
That we’re made blind to the fact that
Into the dark
We’re quietly and
Knowingly journeying

Come take my hand
Even though
You might be unaware of the fact
That at times I might let go
But don’t
Dare lose focus
Lessen your faith in us
Be oblivious
Be slight
Become blind to hindsight

Here within lies…
Heartache and anguish
Transforming into madness
Into the limelight shines
Regrets and unspoken sadness
Our once beautiful unification
Becomes torturous irritation
Trial and tribulation
We take
Emotional lacerations
We are
Bleeding unfaithful hearts
Resulted from
Miscarriage and mortification
We scar
We grin and bear it
Pressures of judgement and
Monogamous stipulations
Family and friends expectations
Of “how come”
And their opinions on
“Why you two never made it”
Fuck it


We all
Seem to want to take the easy way out
But if you knew beforehand
That this is what’s in store
That this is what’s planned for us
Would you still take my hand and
Journey into the dark?

No one ever says that this road is easy…
But everyone says...

...It’s just hard.