Tuesday, January 24, 2012

poetry session

Something to think about...

...and something to respond...

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Friday, January 20, 2012

poetry session

Into The Dark

No one ever said
That this ride would be easy…

We’re so drawn towards the light
Of happiness and elated feelings
Of lazy lust mornings
Of warm afternoons and
Sex craved evenings
That we’re made blind to the fact that
Into the dark
We’re quietly and
Knowingly journeying

Come take my hand
Even though
You might be unaware of the fact
That at times I might let go
But don’t
Dare lose focus
Lessen your faith in us
Be oblivious
Be slight
Become blind to hindsight

Here within lies…
Heartache and anguish
Transforming into madness
Into the limelight shines
Regrets and unspoken sadness
Our once beautiful unification
Becomes torturous irritation
Trial and tribulation
We take
Emotional lacerations
We are
Bleeding unfaithful hearts
Resulted from
Miscarriage and mortification
We scar
We grin and bear it
Pressures of judgement and
Monogamous stipulations
Family and friends expectations
Of “how come”
And their opinions on
“Why you two never made it”
Fuck it


We all
Seem to want to take the easy way out
But if you knew beforehand
That this is what’s in store
That this is what’s planned for us
Would you still take my hand and
Journey into the dark?

No one ever says that this road is easy…
But everyone says...

...It’s just hard.


Thursday, January 05, 2012


Finding an approach
After an epiphany is key
To believe in You is what I need
So I reproach my earthly identity
And encroach towards heavenly streets
On my knees
Praying for some clarity

Sunday, January 01, 2012

conversations - happy 2012!!!

Dear 2011,
You showed me nothing but my strength
You were very trying.  You tested me intensely.
But with all that said, I am ready to let you go.

Dear 2012,
I welcome you.
I pray for no more sickness - Cancer has made its way out the door for my family.
I embrace wellness, blessings and the future.
I hope for better times & strength to endure tougher times.
I focus on hard work & perseverance to get me to where I want to be professionally.
I search for constant inspiration.
I look towards more creativity.
I live for love.
I love to live.
I live to rise up.

Happy New Year everyone!
May this coming year grant you nothing but good health, wealth and many blessings and happiness.  So that when unfortunate times do arise, you are able to endure it with all these things within yourself.

2012....Let's get it!!! :)