Tuesday, November 21, 2017

micropoetry session - 11/21

walking in circles

You walk in circles
That skim surfaces
Yet go deep enough to scar


poetry session - 11/20

stranger to me

The painful process of purging
Emotional and generational wounds
Made me fully realize
That suppressing them
Did more damage to me
Than recognizing them...
Being numb to them
Felt stranger to me
Than releasing them...
Giving voice to pain
Seemed dangerous to me...
But in the end
Only brought endless lessons
To free me...


Sunday, November 19, 2017

poetry session - 11/19

the rotten part

When boundaries are crossed
And "NO" is a clear response
The rotten part is
Having to second guess your stance
Just to avoid a violent advancement
The question remains
Why do she have to do the appeasing
When it’s his actions that have caused the grievance?

To a world full of #metoo’s
I pray for the diminishment
Of these instances...


Saturday, November 18, 2017

poetry session - 11/18

waiting for morning

For every aspect of your being
In my midst
After every evening
Of seductive transcendent bliss
Waiting for you in the mornings
Is like a blessing, a gift...
I wish to exist in this space
To slow it down
Lay in it...
Replay each moment
To outplay and outwit
Time’s fleeting nature when
Life takes over
And escapes our sensual grasp of it
In the mornings...


poetry session - 11/17

no sign of sorry

Your lack of apology
No longer gets in the way
Of my peace
No longer a prerequisite
For healing...
I no longer give you permission
To grant the reprieve I’ve been seeking...
So therefore...
I release you...
With no sign of sorry
Is really just an act... of freedom
I’ve stopped searching for them
And instead learned to stop
Giving away my power
When my freedom was always mine
To grant...


Thursday, November 16, 2017

poetry session - 11/16

a single voice

A single voice
May seem crazy, strange
And out of place, at first...
But if you’re patient and wait long enough...
And carry a thunderous conviction
In your bones... Trust...
That one voice... turns into a chorus...
That bravely disperses fear and goes headfirst into the current
Seeking recognition and justice...
Eventually strengthening
And finding momentum and stride
In the collective rising of
The melanin’d cries that take knees for a movement...
All that’s needed is one mic
One beat. One stage and
Someone brave enough
To raise it...


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

poetry session - 11/15

no more hate

Amidst the chaos and the noise
The silenced and the voiceless
The marginalized and their protests
The violence and the breathless...
The gentrified and the displaced
The battered and disgraced
The victims of the depraved
The wounded and erased...
Stay centered...
Displace the hate
Move with love and
Spirit in your space...
Remain in strength and abundance
Courage and endurance
Grace and assurance
Humility and resilience
Seek healing and reprieve
Joy and release
An end to your grief
And an openness to receive
The lessons and gifts
To ascend from this inception
Rise above to heal
In love and reflection
Steady your focus
No more hate is the motivation
Put aside fear, and taste the sensation
Of sweet freedom on the horizon


poetry session - 11/14

chills up my spine

Strong hands
Hold firm and gentle
Around my waist
I centre myself and anticipate
His next move...
Confidently seducing
I take deep breaths as
He slowly guides me
To where he needs me next...
He hypnotizes me
With such a rhythmic tune
We become in tune with our senses
And respond according to
How our bodies connect...
So perfect and aligned with mine
He sends chills up my spine with
How our auras are so intertwined
And united in this fashion...
So fascinated with
How he yearns to say my name
And how it drips from his lips
He tongues each letter
On every meridian of my body
Exploring the maps and
Separating continents with his doing
Filling valleys and creating waterfalls
With just the simple art of knowing
What to do next,
How to read my every yearning...
He learns and memorizes every curvature,
Every dip, every inch, every posture
And i couldn’t possibly resist
This reciprocity to co-exist
In this sensuous filled space with him
In hopes to uplift our vibrations
To give birth to nations, revolutions, manifestations
Of new ways of being...
All with his confident execution...
And the subtle power
Of his hands...


poetry session - 11/13

caught off guard

I pray
That the fires of inspiration
Keep fuelling you, sustaining you
To continue to live in a state of love and openness...
I pray
That you continue to be awed
No longer caught of guard
With your boundless gifts...
But to remain in a state of wonderment
With your ability to uplift
Those who are in need of a sign, a catalyst...
You exhibit resilience, magnificence...
You are worthy
And are so unafraid to claim it, stand in it...
And welcome it into your life...
Remain gracious when blessings arrive...
I pray
You remain limitless
Your passion never diminishes and
Your light never extinguishes
You manifest brilliance in your own unique way...
Become an alchemist, when struggle chooses to stay...
I pray
That you remain a beacon of light
Even in your darkest hour
You are always loved and supported
Lifted up and empowered
I pray
That growth never stops seeking you
Spirit keeps guiding you
And unconditional love keeps inspiring you...



poetry session - 11/12

ending with a beginning

I know you’ve felt this pain before
The emptiness, the absence of love,
Something to strive towards...
The gut-wrenching feelings
Your heart torn to pieces,
It seems like you can’t picture yourself
On the other side of this abyss
But wait... and listen...
Let your heart be open
Let those tears cleanse your Spirit
Let those cries dispel the dense energy that’s been striving to move
Be moved inside this stillness...
Be open to a new way of being
Be attuned to this ending with a new beginning...
The growth desires you as much as you desire IT...
And with IT comes healing...
With IT comes boundless abundance
Of self-love and worthiness...
So that IF ever there comes another time
Where another beginning comes to an end...
You can then freely navigate
To rise again...
See yourself through to the end...
Of glorious triumph and meaning...
Of the many lessons that come with
The endless beginnings...


poetry session - 11/11

another reason

His lips
His voice
The manner in which
He says my name
They way he instigates
Certain ways of being
He stirs up emotions that have me seeing
The world a bit differently
My purpose with more clarity...
And just when I think there couldn’t be
Another reason
For me to be more intrigued
He speaks to me with verses so eloquently
So carefully composed
And so rare, fully exposed to his
Attention to detail
It’s like he knew my soul’s language,
The heartbreak and healing I’ve prevailed and
The journeys it took to get me here...
To hear him utter one word
Stirred up more than i could describe
The depth of knowing
The frequency of my vibe
He effortlessly inscribed
An imprint on my Spirit
And has me looking forward
To all the other reasons
That he chooses to share and exhibit...


Friday, November 10, 2017

poetry session - 11/10

the phone call

Numb to the words
When I learned of your passing
I tried to muster up emotions
But couldn’t feel them crashing down on me
You were a fleeting role
Of a permanent soul
A rolling stone
The first one to teach me
How to stonewall whenever I was hurt
The years had passed
But the pain never lessened
The numbness turned to anger
And anger into depression
But I rose up... and I learned my lessons
I healed my wounds
And I forgave your transgressions
I never accepted this as an excuse but
Because the truth of the matter is
You were only doing
What you thought you knew was truth
You were moving from a place
Where a lack of love,
Caused you to fear love... and in response...
Caused you to run away from us...
And it’s because of this...
I stand in love for you
I remain in remembrance
Of the strength and courage of you...
Know that your daughter
Still thinks of you
In subtle ways
But know that that one phone call
Changed me for the better
Always... in all ways...


poetry session - 11/9

he said nothing

He said nothing
But masterfully showed me
Everything he needed to say
Through this intense touch and visual foreplay...
Affirmatively communicating...
Using his mouth in... unparalleled ways...
His intention was felt
Wherever his hand laid rest on my body
And his purpose upheld
Whenever he chose my womb to embody
Our communion of souls that possess
No geographical boundaries...
I confess... I yearned for his speech
But I yielded, and gave way
To how his rhythm piqued...
Reactionary peaks in
Climactic reactions of release...
And I learned how two bodies
Can freak... without the linear limitations of speech... 
But with intensely intuitive nature and passionate primal tendency...
I became his canvas, his sensuous muse...
I came onto his phallus and as a united two
Transmuted past wounds and created ecstasy and enlightenment to move through
This slow and steady moment of truth...
He introduced new ways of being
To enhance our sense of connection
He said nothing...
But his confidence and temperament
Steered me in the right direction...
He said nothing...
Yet left me speechless
From this unspoken type of perfection...


poetry session - 11/8

where i live

I live in between
The nuanced layers
Where we journey for release
And where we surrender for peace
Where we beam in unity
Where we crave each other’s physique...
Not just physically...
As I am more than just this vessel
Mentally, spiritually, metaphysically 
Is the threshold where I uphold my Venus being...
You’ll see me
As a vision to contemplate over
An idea to orchestrate aurals over or
An urge to penetrate more into... a
Spiritual connection
Words unspoken...
An intuitive nature to
Be more open to receive
the gifts of this world that exist
Beyond our reality
I seemingly emit an aura
And am created in the image
Of an immortal Being...
You’ll find me
In the powerful words you choose to speak
And the gentleness of a woman’s caress...
In the movements of my ancestors beats
And the grace of their success, through me...
Trace bloodlines and timelines
And you’ll find their healing in my bones
And i stand worthy within their collective
Breaking generational patterns, deeply woven and sown...
I am a totem of love...
A beacon of wisdom
I live in the moments
Where here and now is the rhythm
Where time and distance is just an illusion
I live to breathe, and slow down...
To reset the algorithm...

So find me...
And dare to sit in this vibration
Commune and share with me...
This divine co-habitation...


Tuesday, November 07, 2017

poetry session - 11/7

beautifully broken

These scars on my heart
Are no longer the battle wounds that I’ve used
To guard myself from others...
No longer the muse to prolong my suffering and longing
Of the idea of someone outside of myself
Possessing the power to heal me...
No longer do I identify with being
Beautifully broken, 
But rather...
I was weaved back together with gold
I am whole
I am worthy...
I am a word... spoken passionately
I am a living truth
I am proof... 
That scars not only do heal
But they also make my love bulletproof
Self love as, not only a weapon
But the remedy
To say that not only was I once
Broken beautifully...
But that I was
Aligned Divinely...


poetry session - 11/6

like a ghost

A whisper
A sign
A movement
A murmur
Your Spirit moves with me
Since your passing
Not so much like a ghost
But as an Angel catching
A moment of bliss
To communicate that
Love never ends
The only variable is
How it transmits
The scent and grace of you
Emits frequencies to uplift me
You keep me in the midst of longing
To affirm that we truly do co-exist
Inspire me to love and live my best 
In the moment
...until we meet again...