Sunday, November 26, 2017

poetry session - 11/26

next lifetime

Next lifetime
Already speaks
Its existence within you
Through the connections,
Lessons and healing you’ve done
To fortify your being...
Next lifetime shows you
That no longer will you
Have to endure the pain from the past;
No longer will you have to
Carry your ancestors suffering on your back
And pretend to mask it
While living in a world that tries to
Erase it, outcast it...
You carry their hope and
Healing in your bones
Embrace it; grasp it
Feel their freedom in your soul
Let it fuel you, broadcast it
Their Spirit and movements have outlasted
Time and space to forecast
The season of new days...
I pray
You hear them say that
Your love and joy is never
In anyone else’s power
To grant it...
I pray
You continue to move in advancement
Free from trauma and attachment...
Where “BE-ing”... truly is present
And surviving was only a fragment
Of this inception...
I pray
You realize your power
In this lifetime
And recognize
You carry the keys of change
And ways of being
Next lifetime...


Saturday, November 25, 2017

poetry session - 11/25

mysterious woman

It took what seemed like lifetimes
To get to a place where
I’d be comfortable
And worthy enough
To stand in the presence
Of this mysterious woman
That I see in my dreams...
She invites me in and beckons me
To go deeper within myself
To slay demons and re-write history
To create beacons within myself...
To witness the wounds
That be the root of all my suffering
To bless the womb inside my being
And release the trauma that I felt
And held onto for so long...
I yearned to be washed
With the lyrics of Her Freedom songs
And the baptismal meditative waters
To emerge anew, draw inspiration from...
And the more I entered in
And listened to Her call
I created more space for Her to BE in
To lay claim to, to stand tall...
I now listen when She speaks
Feel the call inside my bones
Remain open to receive
All things that serve my growth...
She calls forth for
Intuition to be my compass
And love be my scope of vision
Creativity be my language
Manifestation be my mission...
Sensuality be my aura
Sexuality be my ignition
Fertility accept my seed
Of birthing a divine phenomenal woman...
Physicality keep me present
Spirituality keep me steady
To be unafraid of constant changes
For Divine guidance will keep me ready...
And strangely enough I realize
The further and deeper I journey
When I see Her in all my visions
That all this time I’ve already
Been always and infinitely worthy...
That all along it is Me
That She is beautifully and
Majestically reflecting...


Friday, November 24, 2017

poetry session - 11/24

one more journey

If it takes one more journey
One more timeline
One more hurricane
One more sunrise
One more heartbreak
One more earthquake
One more catalyst
One more moonrise...
For me to actualize
My true being
My true power
My God-given abilities
To endure each passing hour...
I will take it
Live it
Breath it and
Be it
For growth and lessons
Are all i see
In hopes to continue to
Be open
To Love’s wonders


Thursday, November 23, 2017

poetry session - 11/23

loving my body

I am grateful
To come home into this vessel
A body that is mine
Derived from divine intelligence
Manifested in melanin and
Feminine eminence...
Every inch, every curve
Every dip, every turn
From the soles of my feet
To every follicle on my head
I honour the God particles
Embedded in my being
Bestowing magical properties
To everything I touch...
With so much as a graze, a breath...
A gaze or a hug...
Giving my wounds a voice
Turning sadness into rejoicing
Lifting anger up for releasing
Transmuting trauma into healing...

I’ve grown to love my scars
From the constant battles I’ve had with myself
Look upon them with honour
And move with unconditional love of self....
I’ve earned my position
With gracious disposition
Highly decorated
With fearless childhood playground scars
And beauty marked birthmarks spread out like the stars...
To benchmarked stretch marked tigress stripes
To the emergency life saving C-section types...

To the softness and strength of my thighs
To my arms always open, lightly defined
To my legs for endurance, perseverance and stride
To my hips for assurance, in pleasure with how they ride
To my breasts for how they nourish, where my heartbeat resides
To my womb’s creative power and capability to give life.

I birth a new me
With every affirmation I heed
And know I am deserving
Of all the good that’s lined up for me
Still open to the lessons
That present themselves in negativity
See those moments as gifts
And respond with love accordingly
Loving every aspect
Of my body, mind, and soul
That one cannot exist without the other
As united, I am whole...


poetry session - 11/22

afraid to want it

I move with confidence through the ashes
That part ways like the Red Sea
In honour of my Exodus
Of everything that does not serve me...
Moving in between passageways and waterways 
That lead me to my sea of dreams
I am attuned to my inner compass
Of intuition and divinity...
My heart’s frequency extends miles
Beyond my mind and
When I am aligned with it
When I follow it and
Heed the instructions
I can feel
The mountains move
The oceans swell
The universe in tune
And conspiring to manifest itself in me...
No longer afraid to say it
I stand in this moment of magnificence
And claim it as mine
For self-love and healing showed me
To no longer be ashamed of
Asking for the things that align with my highest good...
To no longer be afraid, for all things
In Divine timing will be understood...
To no longer be afraid to want it
For I had always possessed the power
To achieve, to actualize...
To weave realities rooted
With open hearts and third-eye sight
I real-eyes...
When I am open to receive it...
I rise... This world is mine...
And all I had to do...
Was believe it...


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

micropoetry session - 11/21

walking in circles

You walk in circles
That skim surfaces
Yet go deep enough to scar


poetry session - 11/20

stranger to me

The painful process of purging
Emotional and generational wounds
Made me fully realize
That suppressing them
Did more damage to me
Than recognizing them...
Being numb to them
Felt stranger to me
Than releasing them...
Giving voice to pain
Seemed dangerous to me...
But in the end
Only brought endless lessons
To free me...


Sunday, November 19, 2017

poetry session - 11/19

the rotten part

When boundaries are crossed
And "NO" is a clear response
The rotten part is
Having to second guess your stance
Just to avoid a violent advancement
The question remains
Why does she have to do the appeasing
When it’s his actions that have caused the grievance?

To a world full of #metoo’s
I pray for the diminishment
Of these instances...


Saturday, November 18, 2017

poetry session - 11/18

waiting for morning

For every aspect of your being
In my midst
After every evening
Of seductive transcendent bliss
Waiting for you in the mornings
Is like a blessing, a gift...
I wish to exist in this space
To slow it down
Lay in it...
Replay each moment
To outplay and outwit
Time’s fleeting nature when
Life takes over
And escapes our sensual grasp of it
In the mornings...


poetry session - 11/17

no sign of sorry

Your lack of apology
No longer gets in the way
Of my peace
No longer a prerequisite
For healing...
I no longer give you permission
To grant the reprieve I’ve been seeking...
So therefore...
I release you...
With no sign of sorry
Is really just an act... of freedom
I’ve stopped searching for them
And instead learned to stop
Giving away my power
When my freedom was always mine
To grant...


Thursday, November 16, 2017

poetry session - 11/16

a single voice

A single voice
May seem crazy, strange
And out of place, at first...
But if you’re patient and wait long enough...
And carry a thunderous conviction
In your bones... Trust...
That one voice... turns into a chorus...
That bravely disperses fear and goes headfirst into the current
Seeking recognition and justice...
Eventually strengthening
And finding momentum and stride
In the collective rising of
The melanin’d cries that take knees for a movement...
All that’s needed is one mic
One beat. One stage and
Someone brave enough
To raise it...


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

poetry session - 11/15

no more hate

Amidst the chaos and the noise
The silenced and the voiceless
The marginalized and their protests
The violence and the breathless...
The gentrified and the displaced
The battered and disgraced
The victims of the depraved
The wounded and erased...
Stay centered...
Displace the hate
Move with love and
Spirit in your space...
Remain in strength and abundance
Courage and endurance
Grace and assurance
Humility and resilience
Seek healing and reprieve
Joy and release
An end to your grief
And an openness to receive
The lessons and gifts
To ascend from this inception
Rise above to heal
In love and reflection
Steady your focus
No more hate is the motivation
Put aside fear, and taste the sensation
Of sweet freedom on the horizon


poetry session - 11/14

chills up my spine

Strong hands
Hold firm and gentle
Around my waist
I centre myself and anticipate
His next move...
Confidently seducing
I take deep breaths as
He slowly guides me
To where he needs me next...
He hypnotizes me
With such a rhythmic tune
We become in tune with our senses
And respond according to
How our bodies connect...
So perfect and aligned with mine
He sends chills up my spine with
How our auras are so intertwined
And united in this fashion...
So fascinated with
How he yearns to say my name
And how it drips from his lips
He tongues each letter
On every meridian of my body
Exploring the maps and
Separating continents with his doing
Filling valleys and creating waterfalls
With just the simple art of knowing
What to do next,
How to read my every yearning...
He learns and memorizes every curvature,
Every dip, every inch, every posture
And i couldn’t possibly resist
This reciprocity to co-exist
In this sensuous filled space with him
In hopes to uplift our vibrations
To give birth to nations, revolutions, manifestations
Of new ways of being...
All with his confident execution...
And the subtle power
Of his hands...


poetry session - 11/13

caught off guard

I pray
That the fires of inspiration
Keep fuelling you, sustaining you
To continue to live in a state of love and openness...
I pray
That you continue to be awed
No longer caught of guard
With your boundless gifts...
But to remain in a state of wonderment
With your ability to uplift
Those who are in need of a sign, a catalyst...
You exhibit resilience, magnificence...
You are worthy
And are so unafraid to claim it, stand in it...
And welcome it into your life...
Remain gracious when blessings arrive...
I pray
You remain limitless
Your passion never diminishes and
Your light never extinguishes
You manifest brilliance in your own unique way...
Become an alchemist, when struggle chooses to stay...
I pray
That you remain a beacon of light
Even in your darkest hour
You are always loved and supported
Lifted up and empowered
I pray
That growth never stops seeking you
Spirit keeps guiding you
And unconditional love keeps inspiring you...