Wednesday, June 27, 2012

micropoetry session

Savor my words.
Sip on its derivative.
Let syllables roll off your tongue
And swallow it amongst expletives.
This is how my passion tastes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

poetry session

*Never give up. My words of simplictic advice to loved ones going through trying times. Stay true. This difficult moment may not BE you, but it helps you to BECOME you.*
(P.S. Happy Week 50 Open Link Night!!)


My heart cries
When I see
The potential in you
Not being seen
Or fully realized.
Stop lying
And try to be
The authentic you.
To be the person
I know you can
Strive to be
Defy the things
They decry you to be
And when you fall
I'll supply you
The support that you need.
I realize
This might
Not mean much
Or become reality
In this brief
Moment of futility
But trust
That when that moment comes
When you've overcome
Living with passion and intensity
You can undeniably reply
That it didn't kill you
To try
But inexplicably
You survived
And would
Die trying
To find its meaning


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

poetry session

The Subscript

Although it's pleasing
I insist
That you desist
With your viable ways
Of persisting
And portraying your
Licentious behavior
In phrases
Just to amaze me
I see how
That can be easy

Appease me this way…
Can you stay and
Assist me to
Lead me to your
Sophisticated being?
Subsist to coexist
With me
Submit to
Your higher level of consciousness
With which you
Can never resist me

‘Cause mental and
Spiritual connectedness
Can never restrict me
These aspects
Seem like it’s only subscript
When it’s
Character, plot, climax and never-ending

Represent me
By presenting me with
Your most Kingly being
Treat me with deserve'd respect
And I'll be on the other end
To receive thee
Unconditionally to
The subscript.


Monday, June 11, 2012

poetry session


Create in me
A space
That can set your
Heart, mind and soul free.
Believe in the idea
Of how, intellectually speaking,
Mental and physical unity
Can spark
Word artistry
A platform, if you will…
Seek your silence
And be still.
Enter in
To entertain
My invitational
Transformational vicinity
And see
How we can
Easily transform
The world around us
Turning negativity into positivity
Regression into progression
Listlessness into BE-ing.
I can positively
Attest to
The digression
Of expressions
That my mind and body possess
For you.
I do not contest
The gift that God has
Invested in me;
Manifesting emotions
Into this life force called poetry
I see the need
For you
To reconvene with me
Challenge my being
Renew and rebuild
The sublime and soliloquy
Reject the cynical and the weary
Redefine words and
Redesign worlds
Continuously inspire me.
Create desire in me
To instigate fires
That can
Never be extinguished
Replenish my soul
And supply me provision
Your energy and disposition
Is worthy and sufficient
Every word you speak
I graciously listen
And hope
My intuition meets fruition

So please
Distinguish my vision
With this petition

And accept this
Humble and genuine
Motive towards
Self revelation
Physical aspiration and
Mental exploration.

Send affirmation
My way
'Yes' to...

...My invitation