Monday, May 16, 2016

poetry session

You asked me to write you a love poem
Because it let you know how much I loved you
And I wrote them
Alchemistic in nature
I turned every feeling you gave me
Every instance of joy and ecstasy…
Pain and pleasure
Every moment you challenged me
Every moment of anger
Of freedom and redemption
Of sorrow and grief
Of home and healing
And transformed them into countless anthologies
And showered them over you
Demonstrated them to you
Through action
Never stagnant
Never prideful
Never judgemental
Accepted your scars
And caressed your wounds
If only you knew
The universes I created for you
Where we were so intertwined
Our unborn children lovingly
With curiosity
Listened to our soliloquies…
Heard bedtime stories
And amused by them
Cradled and fell asleep to them

You asked me
To feed you
We both travelled together
Wearing nothing but vulnerability and trust
And unexpectedly supplied each other
An endless abundance of love
That it may as well have been
Us bearing witness
To a manifestation of Mother Earth herself…
I supplied you
Infinite rolling hills
Majestic mountain peaks
Vast Valleys deep
Cleansing sweet waterfalls
To quench thirsts and needs
Derived from our own definition of distance and eternity
That we could unequivocally strike the words “lonely” and “apart” from our vocabulary
Eternally I welcomed you
I let you enter into every part of my being
I consented and allowed you to supply me
Release of my past transgressions
And make new beginnings with you
Because I trusted you
I… Love… You
We baptized each other
With tantric and karmic energy
The gods themselves reveled in our unison
Catching every thrust
And reciprocating it with
Endless cultivating grounds so fertile and fruitful…
Bear your seed
So we can begin raising
The revolution


You asked me
To love you
I always have…
You asked me
To never leave you lonely
We are nothing but
Victims of circumstance
Every moment you needed me
I never hesitated to be by your side
The best way I knew how
You asked me
For me…
And I gave you all I had

(…And I would never trade it in
…I would do it all over again
In a heartbeat…)


May 2016

1 comment:

  1. The remnants of love will always create fragile memories. As we learn to move on, the days become brighter and nights friendlier. But we never forget how we arrived. You defined the journey well.